Question: What should I put on my 2021 bucket list?

What things should I do in 2021?

The Best List of 100 Things to Achieve in 2021✔︎ Cook a cuisine from a different country. ✘ Bake something delicious. ✔︎ Get Uber Eats food delivered. ✔︎ Eat meat-free meals for an entire month to help combat climate change. ✘ Create some art for the home. ✔︎ Make up a new cocktail. ✘ Have a plastic-free week.More items •31 Dec 2020

How can I be more fun in 2021?

21 Life-Improving Things To Try In 2021Start a gratitude journal. Make one decision to live more sustainably. Delete one social media app. Do something fun on a weekday. Eat vegetarian for a full week. Give up a vice for 30 days. Start a garden. Volunteer.More items •5 Jan 2021

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