Question: What does CE stand for on Taylor guitars?

C means cutaway E means electronics So a CE has a cutaway and a pickup. Cindy inlay is that fancy shmancy neck inlay that you see on some of the 900 series guitars.

What is the top of the line Taylor guitar?

The Taylor 814ce with Expression System, is our choice as the overall best Taylor guitar. This acoustic guitar checks all the boxes and delivers premium quality materials and workmanship.

Where is the Taylor 214ce made?

Taylor Babies, Big Babies, and the 100 series are made in the Tecate plant. The 200 series on up, including the T-5 and the new solid body electric guitars, are all made in El Cajon, California.

Where is the Taylor t5z made?

El Cajon, USA Every Taylor built in the El Cajon, USA factory features all-solid wood. The back and sides contribute a lot to the guitars overall sound (combined with the top and body shape) – different woods can dramatically alter the sound of the instrument.

Is Grand concert bigger than Grand Auditorium?

The grand concert is a smaller body size and is more meant for fingerpicking. The Grand Auditorium is the swiss army knife of applications meaning it does equally well with strumming and fingerpicking.

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