Question: Is it wrong to date a friends ex?

Is it wrong to date a friends ex boyfriend?

Once you get into the months or years territory, its generally considered bad etiquette to date your friends ex. It doesnt mean that its impossible, but unless youre completely head-over-heels, there are probably plenty of other potential college dating opportunities out there for you.

Should you date your exs best friend?

You may just be curious about your exs best friend, and maybe itll even go somewhere real if they happen to be interested as well. In any event, if the split was amicable, its always best practice to respect someones wishes, so if theyre okay with it, its totally acceptable.

Is it weird to swipe on someone you know?

As a rule, if you dont want to date them, dont swipe right. You dont know how they really feel about you, and in the event that you do match, the conversation could get awkward fast. Even if you think it would be a funny or friendly gesture for you to say hi, youre better off sticking to chatting in person.

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