Question: What drum sets are made in America?

What Drums are made in the USA?

Tama and Sonor/Hohner USA employ about as many US workers as Ludwig/Selmer, Pearl USA employs about as many US workers as DW, and Yamaha Music USA employs about the sum and then some of all three US-based drum makers.

Are Gretsch Drums made in USA?

Gretsch Drums is a division of American musical instrument manufacturer Gretsch. The company was founded in Brooklyn, New York, in 1883 .Gretsch Drums.Product typeDrum kits and hardwareWebsitegretschdrums.com5 more rows

Where are Pearl Reference Drums made?

Yup, Pearls high end drums (Masters, Masterworks, Reference) are made in Taiwan.

Are Ludwig Drums made in China?

In 1909, brothers William and Theobald Ludwig launched their business with a concept for making a functional bass drum pedal. Ludwig also purchases products from manufacturing sites in China and Taiwan for its entry-level kits.

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