Question: What was Bumble IPO?

The companys stock began trading up nearly 77% at $76 per share under the ticker symbol BMBL. It priced the shares at $43 apiece, above its target range of $37 to $39, and sold 50 million shares.

What do I know about Bumble IPO?

The Bumble IPO was priced at $43 a share. The company issued around 50 million new shares and raised $2.15 billion. This meant it started life as a public company with a valuation of around $8.2 billion .Bumble KPIs9-months to Sept 20199-months to Sept 2020Badoo and other APRU$13.53$12.54Total ARPU$18.97$18.484 more rows•11 Feb 2021

How much did Bumble raise in its IPO?

Whitney Wolfe Herd, founder and chief executive of Bumble, speaks during the Time 100 Summit in New York in 2019. Bumble Inc., the dating app that allows only women to make the first move, climbed 64% in its trading debut after its initial public offering was expanded to raise $2.15 billion.

What time is the Bumble IPO?

18:23 ET Prices $2.2 Billion IPO. February 10, 2021 18:23 ET | Source: Bumble Inc.

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