Question: How tall do you have to be on online dating?

What height should a dating profile be?

If you are interested in getting as much interest as possible, I would definitely suggest putting your height on there, as long as you are 5′9″ or above. If you are past 6 foot, you will definitely get more interest, if you are under 5′5″ you will definitely get less.

Is it okay to lie about height?

You cant really “lie” about your height. Maybe a minimum of half an inch but thats about it. Please dont be one of those people that adds 2 or more inches into their height because they are insecure. And btw, you can claim either your morning height or night height.

Why do doctors check height?

You (and your doctor) should measure your height so you have a baseline measurement, because its a vital sign of sorts. If you know precisely, youll be able to tell if youre losing height due to osteoporosis (or if youre getting taller, which unfortunately isnt too likely to happen).

Can a Stadiometer be inaccurate?

When performing direct measurements on stadiometers, the mean difference from a gold standard length was 0.24 cm (SD 0.80). Nine percent of stadiometers examined had an error of >1.5 cm. Conclusions: Clinical height measurements and EHR recorded height results are unreliable.

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