Question: What is the racial makeup of Boise Idaho?

White: 91% Black/African American: 3% Asian: 1% Hispanic/Latino: 4%

What percent of Idaho is black?

TablePopulationFemale persons, percent 49.9%Race and Hispanic OriginWhite alone, percent 93.0%Black or African American alone, percent(a) 0.9%54 more rows

What percent of Boise is Mormon?

16% The leading religion in Idaho is LDS, but only 16% of the total 26% in Idaho resides in Boise. Following behind LDS we have Catholic at 7%, Baptist 3%, and Methodist 3%. There are a few catholic schools in Boise.

What percent of Boise is white?

89.3% TablePopulationPersons 65 years and over, percent 13.9%Female persons, percent 50.2%Race and Hispanic OriginWhite alone, percent 89.3%54 more rows

Is Boise a good place to live?

Every year Boise ranks on a slew of top 10 lists. The city has been placed among the best U.S. downtowns, the best city to raise a family, the healthiest, best place to retire, best place to be a doctor, a good spot for yogis and asthmatics, and yes -- Boise was even ranked among the top sexually active cities.

Is Boise a Mormon city?

16% of Boise residents are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (according to City Data). Boise has many Mormon churches around the Treasure Valley, and there are Mormon temples in Boise as well as Meridian.

Is Idaho a Mormon State?

Utah and Idaho are the only states where more than 10 percent of residents are Mormons. In Wyoming, 9 percent belong to the LDS church. About 4-5 percent of residents in Nevada, Montana, Arizona, Alaska and Hawaii are LDS.

Is Boise bigger than Salt Lake City?

Population. When it comes to the size of Salt Lake City in comparison with Boise, SLC is larger. It covers 110 square miles whereas Boise covers 82 square miles.

Is Idaho becoming more diverse?

Idaho has had 10% or more population growth each decade since the 1990 Census. The Census data also shows the nation is becoming increasingly diverse, and Idaho is no exception. Nationwide, the share of the non-Hispanic white population — the largest racial or ethnic group — decreased by 8.6%.

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