Question: Is Alicante a good night out?

The nightlife of Alicante It is in fact one of the best in all of Spain and is itself one of the main attractions of the city. The nightclubs and Alicante discos attracting hordes of international tourists who come here looking for nightlife and lots of fun.

Does Alicante have good nightlife?

Alicante is known to have some of the best nightlife spots to entertain you in the whole of Spain! Alicante offers something for everyone right from sightseeing to shopping, but to explore it more then visit clubs, nightclubs, bars that are scattered around the town, to satisfy all tastes.

Is Alicante like Benidorm?

Benidorm or Benedorm like some like to call it, located about 45 km northeast of Alicante, just south of Altea is one main attraction along the costa blanca. With more the 1000 Restaurants and over 30 Discos, Benidorm offers nearly everything needed for a “busy” nightlife.

What is there to do in Alicante at night?

The popular and bustling Explanada de España, a must-see for visitors to Alicante, offers a host of attractions, including an open-air theatre called “la Concha”, with a busy programme of evening events (mostly concerts in the summer). The Panoramis shopping centre located at the Poniente dock offers modern cinemas.

Is it worth going to Alicante?

Alicante is most definitely worth visiting and has something for everybody without having to break the bank. Whether its an authentic Spanish city break youre looking for, a lively beach resort holiday or a quaint coastal retreat – Alicante is a great place to visit for all three!

How much is a pint in Alicante?

Cost of Living in AlicanteRestaurantsEditDomestic Beer (1 pint draught)2.90€Imported Beer (12 oz small bottle)2.50€Cappuccino (regular)1.75€Coke/Pepsi (12 oz small bottle)1.14€62 more rows

Do they speak English in Alicante?

Although most people in Alicante speak English, if you try a few words or phrases in their native language you will find it easy to make local friends. Alicante and its surrounding cities have a lot of Moorish influence.

Is Alicante cheaper than Benidorm?

Alicante is 7% cheaper than Benidorm.

How many days do you need in Alicante?

As well as being a destination in its own right, the provincial capital of Alicante is a convenient base for exploring the greater Costa Blanca region. Three days give you enough time to visit the citys castles and cathedrals, spend some time on the water, and explore the countryside.

Does Alicante have old towns?

Although it is a thriving business and commercial centre , Alicante retains a laidback, cosmopolitan feel. The castle looms over the bustling city. The Old Town is home to fine old buildings with plenty of good restaurants and bars.

Is Alicante Spain safe?

Crime rates in Alicante, SpainLevel of crime24.65LowCrime increasing in the past 3 years53.04ModerateWorries home broken and things stolen26.32LowWorries being mugged or robbed24.65LowWorries car stolen20.07Low8 more rows

What is Alicante Spain known for?

What is Alicante Most Famous For? Alicante is known for its expansive public beaches, where you can enjoy sailing, sunbathing, and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea during warmer months. Alicantes main port is lined with diverse restaurants, bars and pubs serving seafood, tapas, cocktails, and wines until late.

How often does it rain in Alicante?

Rainfall is scarce, only 285 millimeters (11.2 inches) per year; in particular, winter is drier than it normally is in Mediterranean climates, while summer (as is normal) is almost completely devoid of rain.

What is the best area to stay in Alicante?

Where to stay in Alicante? Best areas to stay in AlicanteEl Centro – Historical Downtown City Center. Anastasia Ness/Shutterestock. Postiguet Beach. lunamarina/Shutterstock. Cape Huertas – Almadraba Beach. Olaf Speier/Shutterstock. Albufereta Beach. San Juan Beach. Alicante Main Train Station. Alicante Airport (ALC) Area.

How expensive is Alicante?

Summary about cost of living in Alicante, Spain: Family of four estimated monthly costs are 2,454$ (2,078€) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 692$ (586€) without rent. Alicante is 45.75% less expensive than New York (without rent).

Is Alicante safe?

Crime rates in Alicante, SpainLevel of crime24.65LowCrime increasing in the past 3 years53.04ModerateWorries home broken and things stolen26.32LowWorries being mugged or robbed24.65LowWorries car stolen20.07Low8 more rows

Why is Alicante airport closed?

Alicante airport remains closed after a fire caused the terminal to be evacuated. Thousands of passengers are disrupted as flight cancellations stretch into a second day. The Costa Blanca airport was evacuated on Wednesday afternoon when a fire broke out on the roof of the terminal.

Is Alicante too touristy?

Alicante does have a lot of tourists in the summer but it doesnt have the feel of a tourist trap. A lot of the summer tourists in the city are Spanish people on holiday from Madrid or other inland cities, so even in the more touristy areas of the city and on the beach you wont see too many brits abroad types.

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