Question: Is Jesy Nelson dating anyone?

Are Chris and Jesy Nelson still together?

JESY Nelson and Chris Hughes have split after 16 months together. The couple called it quits while isolating in separate homes because of the coronavirus lockdown. Jesy rang Chris and led the conversation about their relationship and both agreed that it felt like it had run its course - theyre both absolutely fine.

Who has Jesy Nelson been out with?

Who is Jesy Nelson dating now? The Little Mix singer shocked everyone when she came out of lockdown last year dating Our Girl star Sean Sagar. The pair were said to have kept their relationship quiet following her split from Chris but according to reports, Jesy and the actor had been dating since April last year.

Why did Jesy and Sean break up?

And now, a new report from The Sun claims the pair decided to go their separate ways so they could focus on themselves, following Jesys decision to leave Little Mix. Jesy and Sean have decided to take some time apart, the source said.

Who gets paid the most in Little Mix?

Jade is the richest member of the band, with an estimated net worth of around £7.3million. As well as earning loads from the group, Jade is signed as a songwriter and was part of the panel of RuPauls Drag Race UK.

Why did Jesy Nelson quit Little Mix?

The star said constant comparisons to her bandmates took a toll on her mental health, prompting her decision to quit. I was bigger than the other three, and theres never really been that in a girl group, Nelson told Cosmopolitan. I was classed as the obese, fat one.

Who has left Little Mix and why?

Jesy said she made her decision for mental health reasons after much consideration and with a heavy heart. Little Mix also posted on their social media confirming the news: This is an incredibly sad time for all of us but we are fully supportive of Jesy.

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