Question: What apps do introverts use?

Is there any app for introverts?

Thats where Introji for Android and iOS comes in. Introji is an app that seeks to help Introverts better communicate with the people around them.

Is Snapchat for introverts?

All of the social, none of the hassle. If youre an introvert, social media can often be very intrusive. Its always on, always buzzing with thoughts and ideas and people trying to communicate and talk at the same time. Here are the reasons why Snapchat is the social medium of choice for introverts.

Do extroverts like social media?

Many extroverts recharge their energy by being around others. Social events help extroverts recharge their batteries. The same is true for social media use for many extroverts. Even though introverts and extroverts are different, they are similar with wanting to be involved with social media in some way.

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