Question: Is Classic FM presented live?

Its Classic FMs version of mood lighting. The microphones are on, and the green lights give way to reds and pinks to show were broadcasting live.

Who is presenting Classic FM at the moment?

Alexander Armstrong Alexander Armstrong takes over from John Suchet, who goes on to host a new weekday evening concert programme on Classic FM. Alexander Armstrong, one of the nations best-loved presenters and broadcasters, will be the new host of Classic FMs flagship weekday programme.

Does Alexander Armstrong broadcast live on Classic FM?

9am-12pm weekdays and Saturdays from 1pm-4pm. Following the Classic FM Hall of Fame Hour at 9am every weekday morning, Alexander Armstrong stays on for another two hours, offering favourite classics and new discoveries. Text 61812, tweet @ClassicFM or email using the forms below.

Who is head of Classic FM?

The company is led by Founder and Executive President, Ashley Tabor, Global Group CEO, Stephen Miron and Director of Broadcasting, Richard Park.

Who does Classic FM?

18. In the studio: Nick Bailey and Jamie Crick. Classic FM presenters Nick Bailey and Jamie Crick enjoy their first encounter with the new Classic FM on-air studio.

Who won the Classic FM Hall of Fame?

The nation has spoken – here are the UKs 300 favourite pieces of classical music, as voted for in the Classic FM Hall of Fame 2021. Ralph Vaughan Williams The Lark Ascending has been voted the nations favourite piece of classical music, for a record eleventh time, in the Classic FM Hall of Fame 2021.

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