Question: How can you tell a fake Griswold skillet?

Fakes have rough casting, uneven margin below Griswold lettering. Original has finer detail, especially below the eye, and smoother casting. Lettering font on fake handle is sans-serif. The numeral 3 on original has a flat top.

How can you tell if cast iron is real?

A real cast iron skillet should be all one piece - no seams and no screwed on handles. Check the pans surface. It should look the same as the rest of the pan with no other materials. A raw cast iron pan will have a dull black/dark grey color and be slightly rough to the touch.

What do Griswold numbers mean?

The letters were no indicator of pattern revision, simply a means of identification among a particular set of patterns in use. For example, a size #6 Griswold skillet has a pattern number of 699 while a #7 is pattern 701 and a #8 is pattern 704.

Are you supposed to wash cast iron?

Contrary to popular belief, you can use a small amount of soap to clean cast iron cookware! Large amounts of soap can strip the seasoning off your pan, but you can easily re-season your pan as needed. Our cast iron cookware should be washed by hand. A dishwasher will remove the seasoning and likely cause rust.

What happened to Griswold?

For many years the company had a world-wide reputation for high-quality cast-iron cookware. Today, Griswold pieces are collectors items .Griswold Manufacturing.IndustryCast-iron cookwareDefunct1957FateAcquiredSuccessorMcGraw-EdisonHeadquartersErie, Pennsylvania , United States3 more rows

What is a 10-inch skillet good for?

A 10″ skillet is often used for frying 2-3 eggs, making sauces from canned tomatoes, searing one normal-sized salmon fillet, and comfortably sautéing a whole pack of frozen veggies. 10 inches is a good diameter for a pan, but its still a little snug.

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