Question: How can I get horoscope in kundli Pro software?

Which is the best horoscope prediction site?

TalktoAstro ( is a leading platform for astrological predictions. It provides instant consultations from a few of the countrys top astrologers so that people can know what the future holds for them.

How can I talk to astrologer for free?

All those customers who wish to avail Free Astrology Consultation on Phone are required to make a call on this number (+91-9213-300-900). If you did not feel comfortable talking about your problems on call, then you can also chat with Acharya Jee by adding them on your WhatsApp.

Where can I get free astrology?

Free Astrology Services on AskGanesha.comFree Astrology Services on Free Horoscope / Janam Kundali / Kundli (through e-mail service)Check Free Horoscope Birth Chart online (Instant)Simple and Easy to understand.

What to do if kundli does not match?

If anyone of the partners or maybe both the partners have yoni dosha in their kundlis, then you might have to perform some special kind of puja to get rid of it. You can also go for some kind of social causes. They can be charities, or maybe donations.

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