Question: How much does Black dating Group UK cost?

How much does EliteSingles cost UK?

Singles can sign up for EliteSingles for £49.95 per month for three months, £34.95 per month for six months, and £24.95 a month for one year. The six and 12-month memberships are the only ones that allow you to see all user photos and profile visitors.

How much does BLK cost?

BLK Costs and PricesDuration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal1 Credit1.99 USD / Credit1.99 USD5 Credits1.49 USD / Credit7.45 USD10 Credits1.19 USD / Credit11.90 USDReally Like4 more rows

How much does Ourtime cost UK?

How much is OurTime a month?SubscriptionLengthMonthly PricePremium Gold6 months£19.99 per monthPremium Light3 months£24.99 per monthPremium Starter1 month£39.99 (one payment)

What is the short form of block?

BLK AbbreviationsStreetAbbreviationBlockBLKBoulevardBLVDBuildingBLDGCampground98 more rows

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