Question: How can you tell if a woman is a player?

How do you test if someone is playing you?

14 Clears Signs Hes Just Playing YouHe doesnt call you when he says hes going to. Hes often late and doesnt call to let you know. He doesnt show up at all (and doesnt call) when you have plans to see him. He has rules about how often he can see you. He knows way more about you than you know about him.More items

How do you make a woman obsess over you?

4 Steps To Make Women Obsess Over You Like Youre Ryan GoslingStep 1: Give her a reason to chase. Step 2: Give her an opportunity to chase. Step 3: Encourage her to keep chasing. Step 4: Force her into a decision. 10 Reasons You Dont Get Laid. 15 Things Women Need to Stop Doing to Each Other.30 Apr 2015

How do you make a woman think about you?

3:0210:50To Make A Woman Think About You Non-Stop! (Do This & Shes Yours)YouTube

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