Question: Who is Sandra Bullock in a relationship now?

Its no surprise the beaming smile across Sandra Bullocks face is thanks in part to her incredibly handsome boyfriend, Bryan Randall. Though the two have been dating for quite some time now, the Miss Congeniality star and the American photographer have kept much of their relationship out of the spotlight.

Who is Sandra Bullock currently in a relationship with?

Bryan Randall (2015–) Sandra Bullock/Partner Closer Weekly: Sandra Bullock and Her Current Relationship to Boyfriend Bryan Randall. Actress Sandra Bullock has been with her photographer boyfriend, Bryan Randall, for over five years. Here is what an insider has to say about their relationship.

Is Sandra Bullock in a relationship 2020?

Sandra Bullock and Bryan Randall are happily together now, and their love story is one of a kind!

Is Sandra Bullock currently married?

Jesse Jamesm. 2005–2010 Sandra Bullock/Spouse

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