Question: How do I contact the Evening Standard?

Y ou can e-mail queries to: . You can also call our information line (0870 1240535) and leave a message. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

What kind of paper is the Evening Standard?

tabloid The Evening Standard, formerly The Standard (1827–1904), also known as the London Evening Standard, is a local free daily newspaper in London, England, published Monday to Friday in tabloid format.

Who regulates the Evening Standard?

The content is regulated by the Advertising Standards Authority. This content has been paid for by an advertiser, but it is controlled by the Evening Standards editorial staff. In some instances, an advertiser may provide funding for content that we already plan to produce (e.g. rugby match reports).

Where can I find evening standards?

For your most convenient place to get a copy of the Evening Standard, phone our Careline on Freecall - 0800 141 2629, email us on or luse the store locator by clicking on this link.

How much is the Evening Standard app?

Do I need a subscription to use the Evening Standard app? The app is free to download and use.

Can you get the Evening Standard delivered?

The Evening Standard launches new door-to-door delivery service to homes in zones 2 and 3 to bring the news to you. F or the first time in our 193-year history of serving the capital, the Evening Standard print edition is being delivered direct to homes across parts of Zones 2 and 3.

Is Evening Standard being printed?

The Evening Standard made a pre-tax loss of £13.6m in 2019. But Mr Lebedev has committed to the print edition of the Standard at the core of its new business model.

Is Evening Standard still being printed?

Its owner, Evgeny Lebedev, is also a major shareholder in The Independent, which underwent a transition from a loss-making print title to a leading quality digital news publisher in the US and UK markets following the closure of its print operations in 2016, with its latest accounts showing profits of £3m – higher than

Is the Metro still being printed?

Despite losing the majority of its commuter readership, Metro will continue to print papers for those who are still having to commute every day. Although the paper is making a loss due to a decline in advertising revenues, the paper will continue to print during the coronavirus crisis.

What has happened to the Evening Standard?

The Evening Standard newspaper has announced plans to make job cuts in both editorial and commercial departments as part of a major restructure that will shift the companys focus to its digital and mobile platforms.

What happened metro newspaper?

Parent company Torstar Corp. announced on November 19, 2019, that StarMetro would be shut down due to a decline in print advertising and the increasing use of smartphones, laptops, and tablets. It said the final print editions in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto and Halifax would be published on December 20.

Where is Metro newspaper available?

Metro is distributed on public transport networks (trains, trams, buses and the London Underground) and high-traffic commuter zones throughout the UK, the majority of copies are picked up from Metro bins or racks.

Is the Evening Standard a broadsheet or tabloid?

The Evening Standard is a tabloid-style regional local newspaper published and sold in London and the surrounding areas of southeast England. It is the dominant London local daily paper, with a strong financial emphasis as well as carrying national and international news. Its been published since 1827.

Who really owns the Guardian?

Scott Trust Limited Guardian Media Group/Owners Guardian Media Group plc (GMG) is a British-based mass media company owning various media operations including The Guardian and The Observer. The group is wholly owned by the Scott Trust Limited, which exists to secure the financial and editorial independence of The Guardian in perpetuity.

Is the Metro app free?

Get the interactive Metro app straight to your mobile or tablet device every weekday for FREE. PLUS catch up on the news, gossip and videos that have gone viral today with the Evening Edition – FREE every weekday. Available for iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

What is the most respected British newspaper?

The Times The Times is the most trusted national newspaper in Britain, according to a study which reveals that Facebook is increasingly being shunned as a news source.

Which party does the Guardian support?

The GuardianThe Guardian front page on 28 May 2021Political alignmentCentre-leftLanguageEnglishHeadquartersKings Place, LondonCountryUnited Kingdom14 more rows

Who is the Guardians target audience?

The Guardian + Observer target an educated, middle-class, left-leaning, 18+ audience.

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