Question: Is Tenerife good for parties?

Everyone knows that Playa de las Américas is the place to go in Tenerife if you want to party the night away, but Tenerife has so much more to offer than this infamous strip. Not surprisingly, Playa de las Américas is not the nightlife capital for the Canarian population.

Is Tenerife a party destination?

Theres nowhere better to start your search for the best Tenerife nightlife than Playa de Las Américas. The undisputed party capital of the island, this port town and beach resort lines its streets with amazing cocktail bars and taverns.

Whats the coldest month in Tenerife?

January Tenerife weather in January Despite January being the coldest and wettest month of the year in Tenerife, it is still a good month to visit the island if you are looking for winter sun.

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