Question: When you are confused in a relationship?

Give the relationship, your partner and yourself some room to breathe. Whether its early on in the relationship, or youve been together a while, dont jump straight to breaking up and deciding its time to move on. Take your time to assess why youre feeling this way.

What to do if you are confused about a guy?

Do:Give him time. If he had already made up his mind about calling it quits, you would know. But, if you think that this is a phase (which is probably is), then give it time. Give him space. Give him space to streamline his thoughts, and give him space to miss you. Give him reassurance.Mar 28, 2018

What can be mistaken for love?

6 Things You May Commonly Mistake For LoveJealousy. Have you ever been with someone you were pretty indifferent to until they decided to start seeing someone else? Lust. Mmm, lust. Infatuation. Fantasy. Comfort and Security. Boredom.Nov 23, 2015

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