Question: Is Classic FM A BBC Programme?

Classic FM was the first national classical music station to have been launched since the opening of BBC Radio 3, 25 years earlier, in September 1967, and 46 years since the opening of Radio 3s predecessor, The Third Programme, in September 1946. As of 2019, the station has a weekly audience of 5.6 million listeners.

What is Classic FM radio station?

You can select Classic FM on DAB digital radio, or listen via 100-102 FM.

Who is hosting Classic FM now?

Alexander Armstrong Alexander Armstrong announced as the new host of Classic FMs flagship weekday morning show. Alexander Armstrong takes over from John Suchet, who goes on to host a new weekday evening concert programme on Classic FM.

Is Classic FM on Freeview?

TV. Yes, you can listen to more than 30 radio stations with Freeview, including all the BBC radio stations, Classic FM and many others, all with no subscription.

Does Classic FM have an app?

My Classic FM is only available on the Classic FM app, powered by Global Player. You can download it now from the place you usually get your apps – App Store on Apple devices; Google Play Store on Android devices.

Is Classic FM on Internet radio?

Classic FM can be heard on 100-102 FM, Digital Radio, digital TV and online throughout the UK.

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