Question: Why is Yubo so bad?

No, the Yubo app is unsafe, and it is dangerous because it allows teens to meet strangers online. There are many fake profiles and sexual predators hidden online and pretend to normal app users. The teens should be wise enough to identify those threats before commencing a conversation with the unknown person.

Is Yubo good or bad?

Lets look at whats wrong with Yubo. Poor Age Restrictions/Privacy Settings: Although the terms and conditions state that Yubo is strictly for users above 13, there is no credible age-gate that can prevent a young child from joining the platform. It is almost impossible to verify the true identity of a Yubo user.

Is there a better app than Yubo?

There are more than 10 alternatives to Yubo for a variety of platforms, including Online / Web-based, iPhone, Android, Android Tablet and iPad. The best alternative is Instagram, which is free. Other great apps like Yubo are Chatroulette (Freemium), Snapchat (Free Personal), MeowChat (Freemium) and Omegle (Free).

What happens on Yubo when you turn 18?

Yubo consists of two communities, one for young people aged 13-17 and an adult community for people aged 18 and over. Members of one community can only interact with other people in their group and cannot communicate with anyone of the opposite community for safety reasons and child protection.

Can people see when you block them on Yubo?

Articles in this section When you block someone on yubo all the content you shared together is removed. They will also not be able to find your profile or watch your live video.

How do I delete my banned Yubo account?

Delete Yubo - Android - Slides & InstructionsStep #1: Open the Yubo app and login to your account.Tap the profile icon on the top right.Tap the settings gear on the top right.Tap delete my account.Type delete then tap delete my account.

How do you fake your location on Yubo?

To enable it within the app, simply make sure to visit Settings / Safety & Privacy / Use My Location. Once youre there, just toggle on Use My Location. Your profile will always display your country to other users in the app, but you can decide to hide your city by toggling off Hide My City.

How do you change your birthday under 13 on Roblox?

0:322:57How To Change Your Age / Birthday on Roblox Mobile - YouTubeYouTube

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