Question: Does plenty of fish limit your messages?

c) Your message contains spam, links, or other website names. There is NO limit on how many messages you can send per day to the people youre already in contact with, so you can chat as much as you like.

What does it mean on POF when you cant message someone?

Part 1: POF messages not sending There are several reasons why one may face the “POF messages not sending” issue. Some of these reasons include: POF is strictly against the use of offensive language and if your message contains any of the flagged words, it will not be sent to the other person.

Can you read messages for free on POF?

Creating a POF profile and using all the basic features like search filters and messaging are completely free. Thats one of the things people love about POF – if you dont want to pay for an upgrade, its still a very useable, effective dating site.

How do I change my message settings on POF?

How to update your mail settings:Click on “Edit Profile”Click on “Mail Settings” in the tabbed menu if using the website, or scroll to the bottom of the page and find “Mail Settings” if using the app.Make your desired changes.Dont forget to save!18 Nov 2019

How do I get more messages on POF?

2:303:48Plenty Of Fish: 3 First Messages To Get More Girls - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipNumber four keep the message short and simple for example if the girl looks like Rihanna. You knowMoreNumber four keep the message short and simple for example if the girl looks like Rihanna. You know that everybodys going to say oh. I think you look like Rihanna. You know you got to do one up.

How do I know if Im blocked on POF?

The easiest way to determine whether youve been blocked by another user on the PlentyofFish site is realizing your inability to send him or her a message. If you are able to find the persons profile in a search, and even view it, but can_not_ send that person a message, he or she has blocked you.

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