Question: When did Rama marry Sita?

The celestial marriage of Rama and Sita will take place on December 1. The ceremony will recreate the actual wedding of the Lord and his consort that took place on the Panchami Tithi in the month of Margashirsha, Shukla Paksha.

When did Rama and Sita get married?

Vivah Panchami 2020 will be celebrated in India on Saturday, December 19, 2020. Vivah Panchami has a lot of significance in the Hindu religion. It is believed that Lord Rama and Goddess Sita were married on Vivah Panchami day. Hence, this day is celebrated as the marriage anniversary of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita.

Did Rama and Sita get married?

Janaka is greatly pleased to learn that Rama and Lakshmana are sons of Dasharatha. Rama marries Sita, Bharata marries Mandavi, Lakshmana marries Urmila and Shatrughna marries Shrutakirti.

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