Question: Is it OK to say blind?

Therefore, “blind” or “legally blind” is acceptable for people with almost complete vision loss. Many people with vision loss are not considered blind.

Is it politically correct to say blind?

You dont have to use some politically correct term, like sight challenged, or avoid using the word blind. Keep it simple and honest.

What is the correct term for being blind?

Blind (the), visually impaired (the) Say person who is blind, person with vision impairment or low vision

Is blind insensitive?

People in past have often been insensitive and tend to use “Blind” as a derogatory term in order to insult others.

How do you address a blind person?

DO give a clear word picture when describing things to an individual with vision loss. Include details such as color, texture, shape and landmarks. DO touch them on the arm or use their name when addressing them. This lets them know you are speaking to them, and not someone else in the room.

How do I describe blind people with low vision?

Other terms often used to describe people with low vision are partially sighted, visually impaired and legally blind. Causes of low vision include hereditary conditions, eye injuries and eye diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration.

Do you say blind or visually impaired?

The foundation recommends that, unless the person refers to himself or herself as legally blind, the terms “low vision,” “limited vision” or “visually impaired” should be used.

Whats the difference between visually impaired and blind?

What is the difference between visual impairment and blindness? The definition of visual impairment is “a decrease in the ability to see to a certain degree that causes problems not fixable by usual means, such as glasses.” Blindness is “the state of being unable to see due to injury, disease or genetic condition.”

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