Question: Who is Denise van Outens boyfriend on Dancing on Ice?

Are Denise and Eddie still together?

No, Denise Van Outen and partner Eddie are not married but Denise has tied the knot before. From 2009 to 2013, she was married to Lee Mead, who won BBCs Any Dream Will Do show in 2007. The pair have a daughter together, named Betsy, who was born in 2010.

Is Denise Van married?

Lee Meadm. 2009โ€“2013 Denise van Outen/Spouse From 2009 to 2013, she was married to Any Dream Will Do winner Lee Mead. They have a daughter together, Betsy, who was born in 2010. Since July 2014 she has been in a relationship with commodities trader Eddie Boxshall; they share a home together in Chelmsford, but are currently unmarried.

What does Eddie Boxall do for a living?

Ed Boxall is an artist, writer and creative educator living in Hastings, England. He works in many areas such as printmaking, small scale book publishing, poetry, storytelling, songwriting and education.

How long have Denise and Eddie been together?

seven years Denise and Eddie have been together for seven years and live in Essex along with Denises nine-year-old daughter Betsy, whom she shares with ex-husband Lee Mead. Eddie has two children from a previous relationship.

Has Lee Mead got a partner?

Denise van Outenm. 2009โ€“2013 Lee Mead/Spouse

Is Lee Mead coming back to Holby?

Southend actor Lee Mead said the news Holby City will end next year came as a real shock. Mead, 39, played Ben Lofty Chiltern in the hospital soap from 2016 to 2019. The character had originally appeared in sister drama Casualty for two years.

Who is Lee Meads partner?

Denise van Outenm. 2009โ€“2013 Lee Mead/Spouse

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