Question: Where can I hang out in Toledo Ohio?

Where can I go on a date in Toledo Ohio?

30 Date Night Destinations in ToledoBirds Eye View Circus (Circus class)The Handlebar Toledo (seasonal)AXE 419 indoor axe throwing.The Sandpiper Cruises.Clelands Outdoor World (Shooting Range/Archery)Maumee Indoor Theatre (only $3.75)Ritter Planetarium (Romance under the Stars)Dave & Busters.More items •9 Feb 2016

What is the bad side of Toledo?

Avoid neighborhoods like North River, Warren Sherman, and Birmingham. They have higher crime rates than other areas and should be avoided for safety. These neighborhoods are followed by the South Side, La Grange, and East Toledo. There are a few other neighborhoods to read about that you may want to avoid.

Who is the most famous person in Toledo Ohio?

Birth date. Sunday, March 25, 1934 Gloria Steinem is the most famous person from Toledo, Ohio.

What celebrities are from Toledo Ohio?

Theater and filmChadwick Cohn - casting director.Cliff Arquette - actor, comedian.Jonathan Bennett - film actor.Casey Biggs - actor.Joe E. Brown - actor, comedian.Daws Butler - voice actor.Jason Cameron - actor, television presenter, model.John Cromwell - actor, film producer and director.More items

What actress is from Toledo Ohio?

Pages in category Actresses from Toledo, OhioRamona Brooks.CoCo Brown.

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