Question: What is a connection fee Telus?

According to Telus, “The connection fee includes a SIM card and access to a Telus team member to process your activation or renewal along with other exclusive Telus services like Smart Start, Learning Sessions and the Device Checkup App.”

Will TELUS waive connection fee?

Telus has been waiving its $40 connection fee at retail stores for business customers, but the temporary measure is coming to an end starting May 6, 2020, according to documentation seen by iPhone in Canada. The memo says Telus will “once again be charging the $40 Connection Fee on all transactions.”

What is a connection fee?

Connection Fee means a fee charged by a local entity to pay for the costs of connecting property to a publicly owned sewer, storm drainage, water, gas, communications, or electrical system, whether or not improvements are installed on the property.

What is connection fee mobile?

A Connection Fee is a one-time fee that may apply to new and existing customers for new mobile line activations and device upgrades.

Does TELUS charge an activation fee?

We dont charge an activation fee, when you are doing an activation or renewal of the services at the store they will set up your device, when they do so they swap your SIM card and your device, they set up your voice mail and email and they also give you a device tutorial, this is what costs $35 but since you are

What is Rogers connection fee?

Rogers has joined Bell and Telus in charging a $50 connection fee to customers who choose to activate a plan with the carrier. As before, Rogers will waive the fee for online orders, but not if customers make purchases in-store, through Live Chat or Customer Service.

How much do SIM cards cost in Canada?

But how much will a SIM card in Canada cost? You can buy a Canadian SIM card for 10 CAD (8.15 USD) or 20 CAD (16.30 USD), depending on the operator, in the official stores of the operator (like Rogers, Telus, Bell & Freedom Mobile stores), or various retail partners (such as electronic stores).

How do I waive Telus connection fee?

Telus says if you sign up for pre-authorized payment within 30 days, you can save $5 off the connection fee, if you did your transaction in-store or over the phone. If you do your transaction online, the fee is waived.

How can I get a cell phone activation fee waived?

Competing cell phone providers often waive activation fees as a selling point. Simply asking a customer service person to waive the activation fee to make the phone fit your budget may be all it takes to have the charges eliminated. Consider purchasing your cell phone at a big box retailer.

Can I just buy a SIM card?

Can I buy a new SIM card? The answer is yes. If your SIM card is not working or you simply want to change your cell number, you can buy a new SIM card. But, remember that changing your card means also changing your phone number.

What is the best SIM card in Canada?

These are the 3 best sim cards for Canada travel I could find online.True Move Smart Traveler = $39.90. 6 GB data all over Canada. Valid for 15 days.ATnT Unlimited Talk Text and 22 GB Data. Price: $35.95. T-Mobile Happy Data S = $69.90. 5 GB data all over Canada + Mexico. AT&T Smart Data X = $79.90. 30 GB data all over Canada.6 Sep 2021

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