Question: How do I sell on Gumtree for beginners?

How do you make money selling on Gumtree?

Top tips for making money on Gumtree:Capitalise on trends in tech. When purchasing a new item, think about its second life. When composing your Gumtree ad try to include as much information as possible, in as simple a way as possible. Always include lots of photos with your ad. Take pride in your ad.More items •26 Sep 2018

Do you need an account for Gumtree?

Have a picture in your profile is optional and completely up to you. You can have a Gumtree account without one.

How do I sell on Gumtree for beginners?

Write up your advert. Gumtree make it really easy to compose your advert, all you have to do is complete their form, including a title, any images (or even a youtube video link if you have one!), a description for your item, the price youre selling for and finally your contact details.

Is it safe to sell on Gumtree?

If youre selling, buying or just have a Gumtree account you dont do anything with, then like any online channel, you need to be wary and protect yourself from scams. Gumtree also say to be wary of buyers or sellers that ask you to switch payment method, normally to one that has no consumer protection.

What does Gumtree sell?

Gumtree is a great site to sell pretty much anything quickly. I find it most successful for bundles of clothing, furniture and household items. There are lots of online marketplaces available, but Gumtree shines above the rest in one area in particular- fees.

What is the most sold thing on Gumtree?

Top 10 items in demand on GumtreeRide on mower – browsing increased by 19% vs September 2020.Caravan – browsing increased by 68% vs September 2020.Surfboard.Kayak.Fridge.Dining table.Lego.Outdoor furniture.More items •Nov 9, 2020

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