Question: Whats another name for a crazy person?

What is a crazy person called?

nounperson who is considered mentally ill. bedlamite. crazy person. demented. deranged.

What is a better word to use than crazy?

mentally deranged; demented; insane. 2. senseless; impractical; totally unsound: a crazy scheme.

Whats a slang word for crazy?

kooky. (also kookie), loco. [slang], loony.

How does a crazy person act?

They are dramatic or over the top in their emotions and activities. They dont make any sense to you. You have never heard, seen or been around someone “like that” They are from a different background, culture and/or point of view.

What can I say instead of mentally ill?

synonyms for mentally illcracked.crazed.crazy.cuckoo.daft.demented.deranged.insane.More items

How do you say crazy nicely?

synonyms for crazyinsane.kooky.mad.nuts.nutty.silly.wacky.screwball.More items

Can I use the word psycho?

Psycho, Schizo Or Sociopath Using a word like psycho is extremely damaging and hurtful to someone suffering from a mental condition, as it serves to other them as something other than normal.

What do you call someone who is psycho?

Psycho, when used as a noun, refers to “a crazy or mentally unstable person.” As an adjective, it describes a subject thats “psychopathic or psychotic.” In fact, the word was first recorded in the 1930s as an abbreviated form of the terms psychological or psychotic.

Is it OK to say mental disability?

See mental health entry . Mentally retarded: Always try to specify the type of disability being referenced. Otherwise, the terms mental disability, intellectual disability and developmental disability are acceptable.

What is the difference between crazy and psycho?

As nouns the difference between psycho and crazy is that psycho is (pejorative|slang) a person who is psychotic or otherwise insane while crazy is an insane or eccentric person; a crackpot.

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