Question: How do I join the millionaires club?

Its simple! Join the club on our Millionaires Club page. You can also purchase your Millionaires Club Membership at the time you place a order by clicking Join Now! below the subtotal in your cart. Free Shipping will be applied to your order if it qualifies (and most do!)*

How much does it cost to join the millionaires club?

$45,000 US dollars for a year of unlimited dating (as many dates as you wish in your area) in addition to standard membership dues. There may be an additional fee for local/national advertising or search fee expenses.

What is the millionaire club?

The Millionaires Club is a complete financial skills program designed for delivery in a club-like setting at high schools, colleges, and other community organizations. The Millionaires Club was developed by professionals from non-profit banking, education, and financial literacy disciplines.

How do you get on Millionaire Matchmaker?

0:562:54How to Get into a Millionaire Matchmaker Mixer - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipEither as a mixer applicant or a millionaire. Youll often get a free one-year membership to PattisMoreEither as a mixer applicant or a millionaire. Youll often get a free one-year membership to Pattis matchmaking. Service step 4 if youre invited to a casting call for a Millionaire Matchmaker mixer.

What jobs do millionaires have?

The top five careers for millionaires include engineer, accountant, teacher, management and attorney.

What Millionaire Matchmaker couples are still together?

One couple, Mitch Berger and Bambi Lashell, did stay together and got married in 2013, however it doesnt appear that theyre still married today. Not only did their love end, but The Millionaire Matchmaker came to an end as well. After 8 seasons, the show ended its run on Bravo.

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