Question: Where should I keep my skateboard?

Just make sure you store it in a cabinet or closet, make sure its a dry place that doesnt get too hot. Lay your board on its side on a place above the ground where nobody can step on it or mount it on a wall. For a single skateboard, your best bet is a garage hook, wall hanger straps, or a guitar hanger.

How do I keep my skateboard in good condition?

In order to keep your skateboard in good condition make sure to:Store it in a dry place.Avoid skateboarding when its wet or rains.Maintain your bearings.Sand down chips and splinters.Clip grip tape that peels off.Replace parts when needed.Dont throw it around.Avoid extremely high temperatures or extreme cold.

Is it bad to leave skateboard in trunk?

Never leave your skateboard in the elements for any length of time, even just overnight. Its especially important not to leave them there all winter long. Very cold temperatures, very hot temperatures, and humid or wet storage areas can actually damage your skateboard more than you might realize.

What should I do with my new skateboard?

How to Take Care of a New SkateboardKeep your skateboard indoors. To me, this is a no-brainer. Take care of your bearings. Your bearings are the most precision piece of your skateboard, and if they get gummed up, they will ruin your ride. Take care of chips in the deck. Replace parts that need it.Jun 23, 2017

Where should you not skateboard?

Other safety rules: Never ride in the street. Never skateboard in wet weather. When learning to ride, kids should try out skateboarding on a smooth driveway thats is away from all traffic, the beginner section of a skate park, or a parking lot that is not being used.

Is it OK to sit on your skateboard?

Dont sit or stand near obstacles people are actively using. Dont lurk, go there to skate not sit and watch all day. Dont go out of turn repetitively, once or twice no one will care but if it becomes habitual its frowned upon.

Can I leave skateboard in hot car?

Leaving deck in a trunk of a car for long time is usually bad idea. It depends on climate your in. If its hot than I would not suggest it. Inside of a car can become very very hot when on a sun and that can have strange effects on a deck, they can become warped, very dry, sometimes delamination can occur.

How do you ruin a skateboard?

Skateboarding in the Rain – Or How to Ruin Your BoardThe bearings will deteriorate from the inside,The grip tape could peel off and lose grip,The deck will lose its pop and becomes waterlogged or delaminate.Wheels will lose their grip resulting in falling off your board and possible injury.More items

Why is skating illegal?

Vandalism is defined as willful damage or destruction to public or private property. Skateboarding can cause damage to objects, and skateboarders can be viewed as vandals by non-skaters. No matter how hard you try and avoid damaging obstacles, if you skate something enough, it will likely become damaged.

Does grinding ruin skateboard?

Grinding is damaging to materials which are not hardened for the specific purpose of the sport, as may be found in a skate park. Grinding can strip paint off of steel and wear down the edges of concrete, stone, aluminum, and wood building materials.

Can you wash a skateboard?

Gently pry the wheel bearings from the wheels – these will need to be cleaned separately (well get on to cleaning skateboard bearings in a minute). Use a rag or an old toothbrush to scrub any obvious mud and grime from your wheels, then place them into a bucket of hot soapy water and leave to soak for ten minutes.

Is a warped skateboard bad?

For riders and builders alike, having a warped deck can be very frustrating. Skateboards (like any piece of wood) can warp over time as the fibres in wood expand and contract with seasonal/temperature changes. Decks can also be affected by moisture and inconsistencies in the glue between layers.

How do I keep my skateboard in the winter?

Abandoned buildings, basements, your garage or even your living room can be used to keep skateboarding during bad weather.Skate in Your Garage or Basement.Practice on a Carpet.Indoor Skateparks.Abandoned Buildings.Parking Garages.Clear Ramps Using a Floor Squeegee.Last Option, Your Living Room.

Can a skateboard last forever?

How Long Do Skateboard Decks Last? Depending on how often you skate and your style, skateboard decks can last between 2 weeks and 6 months. If you only skate mini ramp a deck can last for years, technical street skaters can destroy a deck within weeks.

Is skateboarding at night illegal?

Is it legal to skateboard at night? It depends on your local laws, but in many states skateboarders are considered pedestrians, which means riding your skateboard at night is as legal as walking.

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