Question: Can you message on Elite Singles without paying?

In terms of communication, Elite Singles offers virtual smiles, a Favorites list, photo requests, and the ability to like sections of a persons profile and see whos visited yours. However, only premium members can send instant messages to one another.

Does EliteSingles have a free trial?

Elite Singles is an online dating site that caters to singles looking for higher quality matches. For those of you that are considering purchasing a membership, the free trial at Elite Singles will give you plenty of ability to look around and see if its worth your time and your money.

Do you have to pay to see photos on EliteSingles?

While the vast majority of our members are serious about online dating, we offer a basic membership to let people see if were right for them. This feature gives our Premium members the peace of mind to know that when youre on EliteSingles, only fully committed singles are able to view your photos.

Does EliteSingles charge a fee?

Elite Singles membership costs: 3-month membership: $57.95 / month. 6-month membership: $44.95 / month. 12-month membership: $31.95 / month.

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