Question: Will There Be a Last of Us Part 3?

At the time of writing The Last of Us Part 3 has no official release date - namely because it hasnt been confirmed yet. Naughty Dog officially started development on Part II in 2013, with the sequel being announced in 2016.

Will they make Last of Us 3?

The knock on effect of this is that Naughty Dog will have ample opportunities to address one of the franchises biggest perceived issues, one way or another. The Last of Us 3 is not currently in development.

Will there be a the last of us movie?

Production on The Last of Us began in July 2021, according to an Instagram post from actor Gabriel Luna. Filming will take place primarily in Canada, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported back in March 2021 that production is scheduled to wrap on June 8, 2022.

Do you play as Ellie again after Abby?

You play as Ellie in The Last Of Us Part 2 for about 12-hours before switching over to Abby. After all, you control Abby during the games opening for some minutes as well as Joel. Still, expect to transition from the converses of Ellie to the boots of Abby once youve progressed through about 12-hours of the story.

How Old Is Ellie in the last of us left behind?

19-year- Ellie reappeared as the playable character in the downloadable content prequel The Last of Us: Left Behind, in which she spends time with her friend Riley. In Part II, players control a 19-year-old Ellie as she seeks revenge on Abby for Joels death.

Is Abby older than Ellie?

Players have often wondered if Abby was older than Ellie given her massive frame and stature. However, with the information presented in the game and Neils explanation, it can be deduced that Abby was approximately 20 years old, roughly the same age as Ellie, who is 19 during the events of The Last of Us Part II.

What happened to Ellies mom?

She died within a day of giving birth to her, but she had the time to write Ellie a letter. Before Anna died, Marlene promised to look after Ellie in her absence. Ellie carries Annas letter with her in her backpack, along with her mothers switchblade as seen in the Winter chapter.

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