Question: Is upward a good dating site?

Upward is the ideal dating app for younger Christians, of all denominations, looking for love and romance rather than go-nowhere flirtations or casual dating. Users of Tinder and Hinge will be right at home with Upward: you will “like” potential matches, and a mutual “like” opens the possibility for direct messaging.

Who owns upward app?

Match Group Upward is the number one downloaded Christian dating app in the U.S. for Christian singles in 2020. Introduced in March 2020, Upward (formerly FTH) is an operating business of Match Group (Nasdaq: MTCH).

What is a super like on Upward?

In keeping with the apps interface, a super like translates into an upward swipe (or a tap on the blue star icon) which slaps a banner onto your profile when you come up on your potential soulmates pile.

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