Question: What songs did Reel Big Fish cover?

What music genre is Reel Big Fish?

Reggae Pop Reel Big Fish/Genres

What is Jerry Dammers doing now?

Dammers still regularly DJs in English nightclubs, as well as performing with his band, The Spatial AKA Orchestra, playing his own compositions and tributes to Sun Ra and other experimental jazz artists.

What happened to Jerry Dammers face?

That gap grew wider when Dammers, aged 19, lost another molar to a pint glass thrust into his face in a nightclub in Coventry, the city that later inspired him to write Ghost Town and Nite Klub and other songs that defined the early-1980s and made The Specials one of the most distinctive and important bands in

How did Jerry Dammers lose his front teeth?

Jerry Dammers is born Jeremy David Hounsell Dammers on 22 May 1955 in Ootacamund, Tamil Nadu, South India. Already the possessor of a gappy smile, that space grows wider after Dammers loses a tooth when a pint glass is thrust in his face in a Coventry pub when the lad is 19.

Who wrote the song Ghost Town?

Jerry Dammers Ghost Town/Composers

Is Ghost Town Kanyes best song?

“Ghost Town” is not only a standout selection on ye, but its also one of the most meaningful songs of Kanyes career. It stands shoulder-to-shoulder with records like “Hey Mama,” “Ultralight Beam,” and “Runaway” as one of the most emotionally powerful cuts in his arsenal.

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