Question: How old is Ashley Tisdale the TV actress?

What does Ashley Tisdale do for a living now?

Ashley Tisdale is now an actress, singer, beauty founder, and executive producer. The actress also branched into beauty with the creation of Illuminate Cosmetics in 2016.

Does Ashley Tisdale have a baby?

Ashley Tisdale has some fabulous news: Shes officially a mom. The High School Musical alum gave birth to a baby girl, she confirmed in an Instagram post on Wednesday. Along with a photo of her newborns hand, Tisdale wrote, Jupiter Iris French arrived earth side 3.23. 21.

Is Ashley Tisdale in a relationship?

The actress and her husband, Christopher French, welcomed their daughter, Jupiter Iris French on Tuesday, March 23rd and announced the news in a sweet Instagram post. Im sure many of you didnt even known Ashley was married. Well she is, and her husband, Christopher French is a total cutie.

Is Zac Efron and Dave Franco friends?

Yes, Franco and Efron are definitely friends IRL, but the bromance doesnt extend too far beyond that. Oh, tabloids, mistaking stories about Efron and his sack-tapping game for something else!

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