Question: How old is Honey in Eastenders?

How old is Honey in EastEnders? Who plays her? Honey Mitchell is believed to currently be 44 years old on the BBC soap.

How old is Jay in EastEnders?

How old are Honey and Jay in EastEnders? Jay was born in October 1994, which makes him 26 years old. Meanwhile, his love interest Honey is 44 years old, so the pair have an age gap of around 18 years.

How old is Honey Mitchell?

44-years-old How old is Honey in EastEnders? Honey - played by Emma Barton - is 44-years-old, so there is an age gap of around 18 years. She married Billy in 2006 but they split up after she discovered he had cheated on her with Tina Carter.

What age is Billy in EastEnders?

How old is Billy in EastEnders? In EastEnders, Billy Mitchell is actually 61-years-old, but the actor who plays him - Perry Fenwick - is 58-years-old.

Is EastEnders Honey pregnant?

Honey is heavily pregnant and goes into labour, during the ceremony.

Whats the age difference between honey and Jay?

What is Honey and Jays age gap? The age gap between Honey and Jay, if ages are correct, is 17 years.

Did Phil killed Jays dad?

In August 2017, in a two-hander episode between Phil and Jay, Jay finds out that Phil accidentally killed his biological father, a homeless man who was at the car lot the night that Phil set it alight, however, this is later revealed to be a lie.

What is the age gap between Jay and Honey?

What is Honey and Jays age gap? The age gap between Honey and Jay, if ages are correct, is 17 years.

Who is Honey from EastEnders mum?

Susan Honey Mitchell (née Edwards) is the daughter of Janet Bishop and Jack Edwards, ex-wife of Billy Mitchell and mother of Will and Janet.

When did Billy marry Honey?

December 2005 Billy helps her find employment, acting as her manager. Billy and Honey are attracted to each other, and after a period of trepidation, they finally confess their feelings and became a couple in December 2005. The following month, Honey falls pregnant.

How much does Billy Mitchell get paid?

Billy Mitchell earns £490 per week, £25,480 per year playing for Millwall as a M C. Billy Mitchells net worth is £35,880. Billy Mitchell is 18 years old and was born in England. His current contract expires June 30, 2020.

Who is pregnant in EastEnders in real life?

EastEnders star Kellie Bright has given birth to her third child. The actress, who portrays Linda Carter on the BBC One soap, announced that she was pregnant in March this year, after undergoing a frozen embryo transfer. Six months later, she and husband Paul Stocker have welcomed their third baby.

Who is pregnant in EastEnders?

EastEnders aired a baby bombshell on Monday night, as Bernadette Taylor confirmed she was pregnant. The teenager recently offered to be a surrogate for Rainie and Stuart Highway on the BBC soap, despite objections from her loved ones.

Who is honey with in EastEnders?

Honey Mitchell in EastEnders is the big-hearted, sweet-natured former wife of Billy Mitchell. Shes the mum of Janet Mitchell and William Mitchell, and shes enjoying a romance with younger man Jay Brown.

Who brought Jay up in EastEnders?

Jay Brown in EastEnders has been a bit quiet lately, but hes been in Albert Square since 2006, when he was just 12 years old. Jay is part of the Mitchell family – in a way – and Ben Mitchells best friend. He was taken in by Billy Mitchell, after his dad, Jase Dyer, was killed. and then adopted by Phil Mitchell.

Why did Phil give Jay the car lot?

PHIL Mitchell has finally revealed why he gave Jay Brown the car lot in EastEnders - he murdered his father. The Walford hardman - who is played by actor Steve McFadden in the BBC soap - claimed his reason for giving Jay the £300,000 gift was because he killed his dad Jase Dyer.

Who is Jays dad EastEnders?

Phil Mitchell Jase Dyer Jay Brown/Father

How old is Sharon in EastEnders?

Letitia Jane Dean (born 14 November 1967) is an English actress and singer. She is known for her portrayal of Sharon Watts in the BBC soap opera, EastEnders. An original cast member from 1985 to 1995, she reprised the role from 2001 to 2006, and again from 2012.

What is Honey in EastEnders real name?

Emma BartonEastEnders Honey Mitchell/Played by Emma Louise Barton (born 26 July 1977) is an English actress. She is perhaps best known for the role of Honey Mitchell in EastEnders which she has portrayed on and off since November 2005. Before her role in EastEnders, Barton appeared in Spooks and on stage in plays including Grease.

Whats the age difference between Honey and Jay?

What is Honey and Jays age gap? The age gap between Honey and Jay, if ages are correct, is 17 years.

Who did Billy cheat on Honey with?

Tina Carter In 2014, Billy becomes romantically obsessed with Lucy Beale (Hetti Bywater). Later, he reunites with Honey, becomes the manager of a funeral parlour, from which he is later sacked, and cheats on Honey with Tina Carter (Luisa Bradshaw-White) – the result of which ends their relationship.

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