Question: What is Bens secret in gold digger?

The unconventional pair are set to get married, but only hours before, Julia discovers Benjamin is not who he says he is. Visiting his home town, she uncovers that he went to prison as a teenager convicted of murder.

Is gold digger a true story?

I reached out to a BBC representative for comment, and they said that Gold Digger isnt based on a true story. However, series writer Marnie Dicken revealed in a statement that she has drawn inspiration from real life themes in creating the thriller.

Is it a sin to be a Gold Digger?

The cardinal sin of the Gold Digger is Greed, though Lust and Gluttony (of the materialistic variety) also figure in. For the opposite type of character, who definitely does not want the rich beaus money, see Not with Them for the Money. Contrast Marry for Love.

Where was secrets of a gold digger killer filmed?

While some American actors have gone stir crazy waiting out the required 14-day quarantine before they can work on film and TV projects that shoot in Canada, Murrysville native Julie Benz learned to love the downtime last fall before beginning production on Lifetimes “Secrets of a Gold Digger Killer” (8 p.m. June 13).

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