Question: Can you get fired for kissing at work?

Holding hands or briefly kissing may be seen as inappropriate but wont justify dismissal, whereas more explicit behaviour might. If your employer overreacts to a relatively minor indiscretion you could file a claim for unfair dismissal.

Can you get sacked for kissing at work?

Kissing a colleague, or even having a relationship with one is not automatically considered a sackable offence. The law does not make such incidents disciplinary offences. However, this could be made into a misconduct issue if there were specific policies in the workplace to prohibit that.

How do I nap without getting caught at work?

5 Ways to Sneak a Power Nap at Work. Does your corporate culture frown on napping while at work? Nap in your car. Always park your car as far as possible from the office in whatever spot is the least likely to see foot traffic. Nap in the conference room. Nap in the restroom. Nap at your desk. Nap under your desk.5 May 2015

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