Question: Is it bad to be a tall girl?

There is nothing wrong with being tall. There are guys who like tall girls. Confidence is key. Remember proportions, when your taller that means you weight more, dont be self-conscious if you weigh 25lbs more than your friend thats 2 inches (5.1 cm) shorter, just know that youre unique and that makes you beautiful!

What is good about being a tall girl?

Upsides of Being a Tall GirlMore Career Opportunities. Certain jobs like runway modeling, sports, piloting, etc. Get advantage in Sports. Long legs will make everyone Jealous. Look Stunning in any Outfits. You can wear both Flats and Heels. Great Views at Concerts. Often mistaken as a Model/Actress. Dont have to Hem Pants.More items •17 Apr 2015

What is really tall for a girl?

For the most part, when a woman reaches 57″ in the United States she is considered tall. When a female is 52″ or below she is considered to be short. For the really tall designation, any woman that reaches 510” or over will be seen by all as vertically privileged.

Is being tall a bad thing?

The most serious disadvantage of being tall is the health-related risks that extra height brings along. Another risk is blood clots, which results from taller people having a higher blood pressure in general. A larger body with longer limbs is in itself reason enough for the higher risk of getting a blood clot.

Is being tall OK?

Being Tall Is Good for Your Ticker Researchers found that the shortest adults (under 5 feet 3 inches) had a higher risk of having and dying from cardiovascular disease than taller people. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that genes linked to height can increase your risk of heart disease.

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