Question: What NHL players are married to celebrities?

What model is married to a hockey player?

Nastasiya Ovechkina. Nastasiya Ovechkina is wife to Russian hockey player Alexander Ovechkin. She is a model and film producer, as well as the daughter of Vera Glagoleva, who was a Russian actress and film director. Nastasiya and Alexander met at an afterparty when she attended the 2008 Summer Olympics with her father.

What hockey team does Mike Fisher play for?

Ottawa Senators Michael Andrew Fisher, 41, is from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada and grew up playing ice hockey. In 1998, the naturally talented athlete was drafted by the Ottawa Senators and was eventually acquired Fisher by the Nashville Predators in 2011.

Does Mike Fisher still play hockey for Nashville?

Mike Fisher may be retired, but the former Nashville Predator is still making big life moves in 2019. The hockey player, who hails from Canada, posted to Instagram on Thursday that he is now officially an American. A post to his Instagram story shows him in a courtroom waving an American flag.

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