Question: How much does it cost to join POF UK?

Plenty of Fish membership cost: 2 months: £19.35 pm. 4 months: £12.75 pm. 8 months: £9.99 pm.

Is plenty of fish free UK?

The site claims an impressive three million users are active every day and make the impressive statement that you know at least one person who found someone on POF. The site is free to use, meaning people dont have to part with any money to start finding their matches.

Is POF free to join?

Creating a POF profile and using all the basic features like search filters and messaging are completely free. Thats one of the things people love about POF – if you dont want to pay for an upgrade, its still a very useable, effective dating site.

Is plenty of fish any good?

Its a great platform & very simple to… Its a great platform & very simple to navigate with plenty of options to perfect your search , I would suggest POF above others i have tested and start the quest for your Special One, BFF or that future X wife! So get going .

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