Question: Is it wrong to date your friends ex?

If your friend did the breaking up, its more socially acceptable to date your friends ex. Under all circumstances, it would be a nice idea to just ask your friend politely if he or she is okay with it. Things get more difficult when its your friend who got dumped.

How long should you wait to date your friends ex?

The dating-a-friends-ex equation is simple: Figure out the amount of time your friend and his ex dated, then wait two-thirds of that time before you move in on the ex. So if your friend dated someone for three years, you have to wait two years after their breakup.

What do you do when you and your ex have the same friends?

How To Heal After A Breakup Even When You Have Mutual Friends With Your ExBe honest with yourself about your intentions. Dont rush into social settings where your ex will be. Avoid any small group activities. Dont put it on your friends. Nourish the friendships you dont share with your ex.More items •Sep 28, 2018

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