Question: Which is the best club to go to in Chennai?

How many Rotary clubs are there in Chennai?

Listings:Listings: (Click/Tap the Names below to get detailed information)1.Leo Club of CEG9.Rotary Club of Chennai East R A Puram10.Rotary Club of Chennai Kilpauk11.Rotary Club of Chennai Midcity27 more rows

Why is Rotary Club called Rotary?

The name Rotary derived from the early practice of rotating meetings among members offices. Rotarys popularity spread throughout the United States in the decade that followed; clubs were chartered from San Francisco to New York.

How do you start a Rotaract club?

6 tips for starting a Rotaract club on your campusStart with Rotary clubs. Recruit an executive board. Prepare. Use social media. Use time wisely. Promote networking and mentoring.

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