Question: What are some signs that you are dating a Southern Californian girl?

Is LA a friendly city?

Not to question the validity of the methodology here, but New York ranked number one on the publications 2015 list of least friendly cities in America (based off a different survey), while Los Angeles ranked eighth.

Why do you love living in California?

Despite the excruciating cost of living, opposing political views, and soul crushing traffic, I love living in California. The perpetual sunshine, the chill vibes, and the scenic views are unparalleled. Its all a dream, and I feel so lucky to call this place home.

How do I look like a Californian girl?

The California girl aesthetic is often described as laid back, chill, and casual. Jeans are a staple of a laid back style, so invest in several pairs of jeans, from skinny jeans to wide leg jeans and boyfriend fit jeans. You should also look for jeans that are distressed or ripped to create a more laid back vibe.

Are people rude in Los Angeles?

It was rated rude by 34.3% of respondents which was also twice as much the next highest city on the list. Which brings us to Los Angeles. The survey said, 19.7% of respondents thought L.A. had the rudest inhabitants.

What is a California style home?

Californian homes are often characterised by Mediterranean floor plans. This Mediterranean floor plan has an open floor plan which allows for easy flow between the dining, kitchen & living room. The indoor/outdoor design is perfect for entertaining.

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