Question: Where can I meet older men in Melbourne?

Where can I pick up men in Melbourne?

Best Places To Pick Up In MelbourneCaptain Baxter. St Kilda. Beach views of St Kilda and cocktail jugs to share are the order of business oat Captain Baxter. The Vineyard. St Kilda. Carlton Club. CBD. Ms Collins. CBD. The Emerald Peacock. CBD. The Toff In Town. CBD. Naked In The Sky. Fitzroy. Glamorama. Fitzroy.More items •18 Dec 2015

How do I meet single men in Melbourne?

Top Places to Meet Men in MelbourneSpeed Dating. Man Hunting in Nightlife Hotspots. Improving the Odds. Snaring Interest with Shared Interests. Putting Your Hand Up. Taking a Journey of Love. Getting Friendly Through Mutual Friends.13 Jan 2012

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