Question: What to do with a couple on Xmas Day?

What can two people do on Christmas?

20 Ways To Have A Delightful Christmas For TwoDecorate your tree with couple-y ornaments. Integrate your individual Christmas playlists into one. Wrap yourself up in twinkle lights and take a photo. Stock up on booze. Since its just you two, try a fancy-schmancy appetizer like caviar blinis.More items •Nov 18, 2013

What can I do for Christmas with my boyfriend?

11 Things To Do This Christmas With Your BoyfriendHave a Christmas movie marathon.Go To a Christmas Tree Farm.Look At Light Displays.Go Ice Skating.Decorate Together.Try Every Christmas Flavored Item You Can Find.Make a Gingerbread House Together.Wrap gifts together.More items •Nov 29, 2017

What can I give instead of Christmas gifts?

Here are 14 creative and cheap alternatives to traditional Christmas gifts.1) Donations. 2) Secret Santa. 3) Potluck Dinner. 4) Make Memories. 5) Create a “Need” List. 6) Give Your Time. 7) Start a Savings Account. 8) Go Homemade.More items •14 Dec 2019

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