Question: How do you date successfully on Hinge?

How do Hinge matches turn to dates?

Say you matched with a girl that you are totally into. Perfect profile, location, bio, prompts, etc. In the message section, click the grey button that says “Weve Met.” Once you do that, Hinge will know that you are getting dates with people like that and that you are into their profile type.

Are Hinge relationships successful?

Dating app Hinge had a surprisingly successful 2020. CEO Justin McLeod told Insider he expects to see more users looking for long-term relationships.

How successful is the Hinge dating app?

According to the app, youre 8 times more likely to actually go on a date with a Most Compatible match than you are any other Hinge member. Unlike most dating sites, Hinge tracks success out in the real world as well, thanks to a feature called “We Met.”

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