Question: Is it weird to date an online friend?

Is it weird to like an online friend?

Its totally normal. Dont worry about it and just enjoy the good feelings. Loads of people meet online nowadays, dont feel weird about it.

Can you have a crush on an online friend?

While some find that people they clicked with online are also compatible in person, not everyone is as lucky. In a lot of ways, internet crushes can feel even more intense than attraction for someone youve met in person.

What do online friends do?

An online friendship begins when two people bond and have things in common, just like an offline relationship. The friends may share photos, email each other, or chat on the phone eventually. The friendship can become a source of support and provide emotional benefits even though the friends will never meet in person.

Is it bad to like someone online?

Theres nothing wrong with meeting someone and developing an attachment to them online, but make sure youre not rationalizing an irrational situation. The idea [of someone] can create illusions that youre in a healthy relationship because it is what we choose not to see, says Silva.

Do I like him more than just a friend?

1. His texts always make you smile even on your worst days and you always look forward to your conversations together. 2. You get slightly jealous when you see him hanging out with other girls but you somehow know that youre special to him.

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