Question: Which park is best for couples in Hyderabad?

What is the biggest park in Hyderabad?

Its a biggest park in hyderabad - KBR National ParkAsia.Telangana.Hyderabad District.Hyderabad.Hyderabad - Places to Visit.KBR National Park.

Which park is situated in Hyderabad?

Some of these parks in Hyderabad are well-manicured while others have been built on naturally green areas .Parks in Hyderabad (List):Indira ParkDomalguda, KavadigudaSanjeevaiah ParkHussain Sagar, KhairatabadLumbini ParkKhairatabadNTR GardensCentral Secretariat, KhairatabadKrishna Kanth ParkJawahar Nagar5 more rows•Oct 29, 2018

Where is durgam cheruvu?

Durgam Cheruvu, also known as Raidurgam Cheruvu, is a freshwater lake located in Rangareddy district, Telangana, India. The lake, which is spread over 83 acres (34 ha), is located near the city of Hyderabad. The lake is also known as Secret Lake because it is hidden between the localities of Jubilee Hills and Madhapur.

Is durgam cheruvu polluted?

Because of the unique rock formations abutting the lake, it was designated as a protected area. To tackle pollution in the lake, sewage treatment plants were set up by the local pollution control board in 2006. As years passed by, the plant became non-functional. Durgam Cheruvu is now a place to relax.

Is food allowed in durgam cheruvu?

A deluxe boat costs INR 60 for adults and INR 30 for children for a 15-minute ride. Recently, a floating restaurant was launched at Durgam Cheruvu, which can accommodate 40 people. Priced at INR 200 per person, tourists can enjoy a 45-minute ride in this floating restaurant and can buy snacks at an additional cost.

What can be done in Hyderabad?

Must Things to Do in HyderabadVisit Golconda Fort. Witness the Qutb Shahi Tombs in Ibrahim Bagh. Feel the Royalty in Chowmahalla Palace. Stroll Around the Charminar. Revisit the British Essence around Koti Residency. Visit Moula Ali Dargah. Visit the Paigah Tombs. Spend an Fun-filled Day in Ramoji Film City.More items

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